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20. December 2017

JAPAN: DuPont utilizing Toyobo GS catalyst to manufacture Apexa biopolymers

DuPont has contracted Toyobo to manufacture DuPont Apexa biodegradable polymers, developed by DuPont Industrial Biosciences, using Toyobo's aluminum-based GS Catalyst.

Toyobo plans to produce the biopolymers at its Iwakuni production center in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, starting 2018. In addition, the partners have agreed to jointly promote the use of Apexa globally.

"Compared with conventional degradable plastics such as polylactic acids and polybutylene succinate, DuPont Apexa excels in durability and heat-resistance," Toyobo noted.

"It has good processability and practicability, close to those of polyethylene terephthalate plastics," it added.

Source: Weekly “PetroChemical News”, Durham, NC, USA; 18 Dec 2017
(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)

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