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01. February 2018

Yokohama Rubber develops informatics-based design for materials and tires

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. has developed a new tyre design technology that applies informatics to the development of rubber materials used in tyres and to tyre shape design.

The new technology’s key feature is its use of machine learning to conduct information and knowledge searches, which is expected to greatly increase the speed and precision of the development new high-performance tyres.

For material development, the technology combines the simulation technology that emerged from the company’s research aimed at fostering innovative thinking about rubber material design with data generated by its research on the design, processing, analysis and measurement of existing rubber materials. It also incorporates information and knowledge exploration using machine learning. Yokohama Rubber expects this new development technology to dramatically raise the accuracy and speed of the development of rubber materials with unprecedented high-performance characteristics.

Material searches to date have relied on researchers’ experience and intuition, but this new materials development technology will facilitate speedier discovery of new materials with the desired characteristics. In Japan, research in materials informatics is being advanced at many levels, including the Ultra High-Throughput Design and Prototyping Technology for Ultra Advanced Materials Development Project being coordinated by a government organisation. Similar projects are being promoted in many other countries, including the USA, China, and some European nations.

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