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11. February 2018

Liquid rubber for safer tyres

Tire Technology Expo 2018
Kuraray Europe GmbH Stand C438

Kuraray Europe GmbH will highlight its latest developments for the tyre industry at the Tire Technology Expo 2018.

One of them is bio-based Liquid­ Farnesene Rubber, which is said to be the first liquid polydiene based on natural sourced farnesene. When used in tyres it enhances the ice grip performance at low temperatures while impeding the hardening of rubber compounds over time, thereby helping maintain the tyre’s performance. In the Polymer Science session of the conference programme, Marcel Gründken, Technical Manager, will explain the mechanisms of the Kuraray Liquid Rubber products and how they can modify tyre performance such as abrasion resistance, rolling resistance, and wet grip as well as snow and ice grip, depending on the backbone and microstructure. In particular, the latter can be significantly improved by liquid polybutadiene (LBR). This will be discussed via DMA characteristics and ice grip test results.


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