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The Bareiss Triple Shore A hardness tester helps to save time and prevent mistakes by the operator.

13. February 2018

Three hardness tests at one stroke

The Triple Shore A from German company Bareiss Prüfgerätebau GmbH offers the possibility of three simultaneous norm conform hardness tests according to Shore A.

The instrument has three test stamps, which are pivoted independently from each other and can be used to compensate for small surface or parallelism defects on the specimen. The test head is lowered onto the specimen with the norm conform speed of 3,2 mm/s and simultaneously measures the hardness at three different points on the specimen. The three measured values as well as statistical evaluations, e.g., median or average, are shown directly on the display.

A software makes an internal plausibility check from the measured and calculated values in order to reduce the risks of inaccurate measurements to a minimum. The internal storage of the ­Triple Shore A covers 300 measured values. These can be transferred to a ­Bareiss standard software at any time. The software allows statistical calculations and the creation of a measuring protocol. DAkkS calibration certificates can also be issued for the device.


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