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08. February 2018

Calcium carbonate with a high degree of purity and whiteness

Velox GmbH now offers to customers across Europe a calcium carbonate (CaCO3) for use in adhesives and sealants, interior and exterior paints as well as plastic compounds.

The material is said to feature a high purity and whiteness combined with high quality and homogeneity. According to Velox, the calcite fillers have a chemical purity of more than 98 % as well as a yellowness value of < 2.0 and achieve a very high degree of whiteness at a Ry value of > 95.5. The natural calcium carbonate is extracted and refined at in-house plants by the company’s Croatian partner White Rock Minerals, who has approximately 350 million t of reserves of this white limestone. Due to its low heavy metal and iron oxide content, the material is particularly suitable for the production of high-grade emulsion paints and compounds. In plastics processing, the CaCO3 fillers help save on white pigments such as titanium dioxide that are not only expensive but also abrasive, said Velox. Other applications include rubber processing, carpet backings made of foamed latex, sealants and adhesives, glass production and composites.


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