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10. February 2018

Anti-drip additive for agricultural films

Interface Polymers Ltd, a spin-out company from the University of Warwick, has developed an anti-drip additive that is said to improve the performance and longevity of agricultural films, enhancing their cost-effectiveness in a wide range of applications.

Condensation can form on the underside of agricultural films and drop onto the plants, causing both damage and slower growth rates due to interference with the transmission of light. The new solution uses the company’s Polarfin block copolymer additive technology to modify the surface chemistry of the film and thereby improve and prolong its anti-fog and anti-drip properties. According to the manufacturer, instead of being washed off, the anti-drip additive becomes entangled with the film material. This means that rather than migrating, the additive molecules are retained over time. As a result, the additive can make agricultural films perform better and last longer, saving money, maximising crop health, and improving yield, said the company. In addition, the additive can reduce the need for pesticides as well as help ensure an earlier harvest and a higher yield.


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