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12. February 2018

Vulcanised tyre labels

Avery Dennison has developed a barcode tracking label solution for tyres that is engineered to bond with different types of green rubber, e.g., SBR, BR and natural rubber, during the vulcanisation process and maintain lifelong adhesion and readability.

Vulcanised tyre labels from Avery Dennison

Vulcanised tyre labels from Avery Dennison

According to the company, the labels offer good abrasion and heat resistance, allowing the tyre to remain traceable throughout a customer’s supply chain. During the vulcanisation process, the special PSA material is triggered to have a chemical reaction with the tyre rubber, enabling it to bond to the tyre surface permanently. The tyre vulcanisation labels also enable bar code/thermal transfer printability. They withstand the pressure and heat of the curing process (up to 200 °C), and resist chemical degradation from acids, bases, salts, and low-fat solvents. They have been designed for maximal identification through the supply chain, and to withstand the demands of the inspection, sorting, and shipping processes. The label material will be globally available, said Avery Dennison.


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