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11. April 2018

Seal material for the semiconductor industry

DowDuPont Transportation and Advanced Polymers, a business segment of the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, introduced a new perfluoroelastomer compound developed to meet the needs of the semiconductor fabricating industry.

Kalrez 9600 provides longer seal life by offering enhanced performance properties in an array of aggressive and emerging high-temperature plasma applications. It shows good ozone, ammonia, fluorine and oxygen radical resistance as well as low outgassing and thermal stability. The perfluoroelastomer is based on a proprietary crosslinking system and is identifiable by its olive-green color. It is especially suited in plasma deposition applications such as atomic layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition, as well as etch processes used to fabricate next-gen chips in the semiconductor industry. Kalrez 9600 is part of the portfolio of DowDuPont’s high-performance materials for the electronics industry. It is available in a broad range of standard O-ring sizes and custom parts, including bonded door seals for a variety of sealing applications.


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