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Milliken will present its PU additives at Utech 2018

05. May 2018

Milliken at Utech Europe 2018

Utech Europe 2018
Milliken Stand 610

Milliken & Co. will showcase at Utech the broad portfolio of existing products it currently offers to the PU industry, including its Reactint colorants, and its Milliguard and AlphaSan additives. At the same time, it will highlight a new range of colorants that deliver brighter, stronger, more intense and more effective shades to PU foam. The company also will be showcasing its newly released “ColorDirection 2019” – a prediction of the colour palette that Milliken experts see emerging in the consumer space next year.

“After an extended phase exposed to high-contrast colours, we expect consumer preferences to shift firmly away from the artificial,” the company predicts, with 2019 poised to feature, authentic colours that are bright yet as real as possible. The antioxidant Milliguard AOX protects polyurethane and other thermoset polymers from oxidation and degradation and is specially designed to support polyol suppliers, polyurethane flexible foamers, mattress converters and other PU producers. Milli­guard UVX UV absorbers protect PU from yellowing and degradation caused by exposure to UV light.

Supplied in liquid form for easy handling and metering, they help PU producers and converters to deliver fresh, long-lasting PU products with lower VOC and FOG emissions. These UV absorbers, reactive in nature, are widely used in PU for furniture and bedding, building insulation and automotive applications. Milliken will also display its AlphaSan AG additive, which delivers microbial protection through the power of Silver, and AlphaSan AF, which is a stable dispersion of a highly functional antifungal active ingredient.


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