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01. August 2018

Dental bracket covers made of medically compliant TPE

Orthodontic braces not only contribute to creating an attractive smile but also improve the dental health of those who undergo treatment. Occasionally, patients can feel discomfort caused by friction from the wires or brackets against the mouth. To avoid discomfort during treatment, manufacturers in the medical/dental field have created dental bracket covers using a Thermolast M compound from Kraiburg TPE.

Dental bracket covers made of Thermolast M from Kraiburg TPE (Source: Kraiburg TPE)

Dental bracket covers made of Thermolast M from Kraiburg TPE (Source: Kraiburg TPE)

As the dental bracket cover is placed in the mouth to conceal both the front and the back of the teeth, the application uses a Thermolast M material certified according to DIN ISO 10993-5 (cytotoxicity), ISO 10993-10 (intracutaneous irritation), ISO 10993-4 (Hemolysis) and ISO 10993-11 (acute system toxicity). According to the manufacturer, this material is safe to use in direct body contact applications such as the one described. The compound combines an 89 Shore A hardness as well as good mechanical, flow properties and transparency. The TPE has the added advantage that it can be processed by extrusion or injection moulding methods. The material will also adhere to polypropylene with a two-shot or insert moulded process. Lastly, this compound is sterilisable for multiple usage.

“Kraiburg TPE understands the importance of adapting our materials to the requirements of each application. In addition, the company is committed to developing compounds that contribute to the health needs of the population,” said Jeff Frankish, Managing Director for Kraiburg TPE Americas.

The company offers its customers in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors an extensive service package that ensures maximum control with respect to quality, safety and reliability. Kraiburg TPE is also supporting its customers from the developmental phase through market launch, offering local customer service and technical expertise.


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