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06. August 2018

Low-GWP PU foam insulation from Dow helps meet Energy Star version 4.0

As a supplier to vending machine manufacturers for over 25 years, the Dow Chemical Company has created a new low-global-warming-potential (GWP) polyurethane foam insulation that also delivers weight reduction and improves thermal insulation. The insulation will help a cold-drink vending machine manufacturer meet the more stringent Energy Star version 4.0 with a solution that will be compliant with global blowing agent regulations.

According to Dow, the custom formulated polyurethane insulation’s good mechanical properties, flow, and curing profile delivered a 15 % weight reduction and 10 % thermal insulation improvement over the incumbent low-GWP system, helping ensure the cold-drink vending machines meet the qualifications for Energy Star version 4.0. Compared to competitive solutions using hydrofluorocarbon foam blowing agents, Dow said its solution delivers the same or better performance with a GWP 99.9 % lower, providing a more sustainable solution that will be compliant with upcoming global regulations on foam blowing agents.

“We know how challenging it can be for companies and brand owners to keep up with U.S. Department of Energy standards, SNAP regulations, and end-user requirements,” said Robert York, market manager for Dow Polyurethanes. “Dow is fully committed to staying ahead of these changes, and bringing more sustainable, SNAP compliant formulations to the marketplace for our customers.” For companies and brand owners impacted by SNAP regulations, Dow said it has developed polyurethane-based solutions that will fully comply with all applicable regulations once they become law.


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