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BASF will showcase a variety of new products and innovations at Fakuma 2018 (Source: BASF)

11. October 2018

BASF: Polyurethane elastomers and TPU for increased driving comfort

Fakuma 2018
BASF Hall B4 Stand B4-4306

BASF will showcase its latest developments and a variety of products from its extensive portfolio at Fakuma 2018. Amongst others, the company will present the following highlights:

In order to allow automotive manufacturers to achieve the optimum combination of lightweight construction, pleasant acoustics and vibration damping, BASF provides NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) solutions made from the microcellular polyurethane elastomer Cellasto as well as the glass-fibre reinforced polyamide Ultramid and the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan. This results in efficient material combinations for top mounts, spring seats and other chassis components.

The good mechanical properties of Elastollan and its high resistance to fats and oils make the TPU an ideal partner in the field of e-mobility, says BASF. Due to their flexibility and UV resistance, several polyether polyol-based Elastollan grades of the 1100 and 1100 FHF/FR series are suitable for use in the sheaths of charging cables (ISO 6722 certification – class C and class D), whether for mobile charging from the luggage compartment or at a charging station. In addition, these non-halogen-based, flame-retardant Elastollan grades offer customers good processing characteristics and consistently high quality, says the company.

Furthermore, the aliphatic Elastollan series L 700 and L 1200 are said to offer good optical properties and high mechanical toughness. According to BASF, when it comes to preserving delicate surfaces as part of stone chip protection in cars or erosion protection in wind turbines, the use of Elastollan films is recommended. These materials also offer a combination of crystal clear transparency, long-term UV resistance and strong mechanical properties in other demanding applications such as TPU laminate films in high-security glass for vehicles and buildings.

In 2013, Infinergy expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) was launched in the adidas Energy Boost shoe. Today, Infinergy is also popular in other sports applications. At the BASF stand, the material will be exhibited not only in the adidas shoes but in applications such as bicycle saddles, bicycle tyres, treadmills and other sports equipment. The closed-cell particle foam’s properties make it suitable for a variety of sports applications. It provides both cushioning and spring, and is therefore ideal for sports that put intense stress on joints. The high rebound effect is achieved by the special air cell structure made from welded foam beads. Infinergy is also lightweight and elastic. The E-TPU is thus opening up entirely new areas of application both inside and outside the sports sector, says BASF.

In addition, BASF offers a wide variety of additive solutions including antioxidants and light stabilisers, as well as flame retardants and polymer modifiers that enhance the functionality and durability of plastics. One example is Irgastab PUR 70, an anti-scorch additive for polyurethane foams, that prevents thermal-oxidative degradation of polyol and polyurethane flexible foam during foam manufacture and is said to lead to very low emissions. These foams can be applied to different vehicle interior applications including textile trim cover and moulded foam seats and help OEMs and tiers meet the continuously tighter requirements on interior vehicle emissions and odour, says the company.

Further products that will be highlighted at the trade show include the polyamide Ultramid Deep Gloss, that is now also offered in colours, the hydrolysis resistant polybutylene terephthalate Ultradur HR and the polyamide Ultramid EQ for sensitive electronic applications, the Ultradur grade B4340ZG3 with special electrical properties for the production of plug-in connectors, the bio-based copolyamide Ultramid Flex F38 suited for soft packaging, different grades of the polyarylsulfone Ultrason, e.g., for household, automotive and construction applications, and the polyethersulfone Ultrason Dimension E 0510 G9 for applications that call for high stiffness and good flowability.

For the first time since Ultramid Advanced N, BASF is presenting another polyphthalamide (PPA) at the Fakuma: Ultramid Advanced T1000 – a new group of compounds based on PA 6T/6I. Within the Ultramid family, Ultramid Advanced T1000 is the product group with the highest strength and stiffness, and has constant mechanical properties at temperatures of up to 120 °C.

Aula is the name of the latest chair model from Wilkhahn. The fully plastic frame and the armrests are made from the surface-optimised Ultramid SI. BASF’s simulation capabilities (Ultrasim) also played a key part in ensuring that every part of the chair frame could be produced from the material, therefore rendering a steel core unnecessary. This resulted in a new weight class. At only 6 kg, or 6.7 kg in the design with armrests, the Aula is a lightweight.

With its masterbatch for regranulate overdyeing, BASF Color Solutions Germany GmbH is also presenting products to strengthen the concept of sustainability this year. To this end, the two variants “coloration of natural plastics” and “coloration of recycled material” are being presented as equivalent alternatives. The variants are presented embedded in artificial turf that has been dyed using the product lines Lufilen und Sicolen and manufactured by Beens Grass-Yarns B.V. Using artificial turf instead of real turf can make a contribution to sustainability in arid regions, since this saves the limited resource of water. The possibility of dyeing recycled material to produce a high-quality finish reinforces the recycling of materials in a circular economy, says the company. It is even possible to dye materials containing up to 100 % recyclate, since the colour-intensive Sicolen masterbatches manage to overcome the usual challenges of recyclate colouration using special additives. Possible examples are beverage crates and waste bins, that can therefore bear the “Blue Angel” eco-label.


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