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04. December 2018

Cannon Viking: launch of Eco-Slab continuous foam machine

To meet the growing demand for a machine with a small footprint, Cannon Viking has launched its new Eco-Slab continuous foam machine at several conferences this year. The company has over 750 machines for the PU foam block production operational in 140 countries around the world by now.

According to the company, Eco-Slab is the only machine of its generation able to produce all types of foam. It measures under 20 m and is capable of producing a vast array of densities in widths of 1.8 to 2.2 m, with heights of up to 1.3 m, handling fillers such as calcium carbonate, graphite and melamine.

According to Cannon Viking, the Eco-Slab can be used to produce different types of PU foam, including:

The new Cannon Viking Eco-Slab (Source: Cannon Viking)

The new Cannon Viking Eco-Slab (Source: Cannon Viking)

  • Standard PU foams
  • HR foams
  • Visco/Menory foams
  • Super soft foams
  • Gel foams
  • Filled foams
  • Fire retardant foams
  • CME/CMHR foams
  • Semi regid/rigid foams


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