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05. March 2019

Arlanxeo presents eMobility oriented technologies at TTE 2019

Tire Technology Expo 2019
Arlanxeo Hall 20 Stand C216

Arlanxeo is highlighting its latest achievements and developments in new eMobility oriented technologies at the Tire Technology Expo (TTE) 2019. The products are marketed under two brands: X_Butyl, which stands for premium butyl rubber products, and Buna, which stands for a multilateral range of butadiene rubber products. In the tyre sector, Arlanxeo’s rubber products are said to offer exceptional dynamic properties, strong impermeability, good resilience and grip, reduced rolling resistance, and high durability to ensure tyre performance while decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Arlanxeo is showcasing its new developments in eMobility oriented technologies at the Tire Technology Expo 2019 (Source: Arlanxeo)

Arlanxeo is showcasing its new developments in eMobility oriented technologies at the Tire Technology Expo 2019 (Source: Arlanxeo)

Frank Lueckgen, Global Marketing Tires Director, Business Unit Tire & Specialty Rubbers, said: “The stricter regulations of CO2 emissions implemented worldwide, the increasing number of electric cars and the scope of autonomous driving represent a significant challenge for all car manufacturers, undeniably. Tyres have a major impact on all of those new developments and needs. We, at Arlanxeo, as a leading rubber manufacturer, support the tyre manufacturers to master these challenges successfully.”

“In our TSR Business Unit we work intensively to develop new synthetic rubber types, especially BRs and SSBRs, and functionalisation technologies to deliver state-of-the-art materials to our customers”, explained Lueckgen. Arlanxeo said the evolution and increasing needs of eMobility require cooperation between the customer and the raw material manufacturers – therefore, the company has established interfaces with its customers to design, test and produce synthetic rubber grades that meet their needs within the context of Industry 4.0.

At the trade show, the company is showcasing a Speedway tyre (powered by an Arlanxeo solution SBR) and Buna Nd 24 EZ, a modified and long chain branched, neodymium butadine rubber.

Arlanxeo experts will also give two presentations at the conference, highlighting advancements in the tyre material science sector.

David Hardy, Technical service and development manager at Arlanxeo will give a presentation titled: “NdBR tailored for maximum performance and easy processing”. As he noted: “Our R&D efforts are focused on improving the dynamic performance of our customer´s compounds in order to reduce rolling resistance without sacrificing the safety aspects of the tyre. However, as the compounds become more elastic for improved rolling resistance performance, processing during tyre production can become more challenging. Hence we also continue our efforts to develop new rubbers that can improve processing whilst maintaining the gains made in dynamic performance.”

Dr. Saeid Kheirandish, Project manager, polymer testing at Arlanxeo, will give a presentation titled: “The physics of tire compound processing: considerations for the 21st century”. As he remarked: “At Arlanxeo we focus more deeply on topics related to the rheology of new materials and the way these new systems (rubber + filler + additives) can be processed for tyre applications. We are developing relevant testing methods and physical models that more accurately describe the viscoelastic behaviour of rubber compounds and consequently, predict compound behaviour in real-life applications such as extrusion and mixing; thus, we will be optimising processing operations both for Arlanxeo and our customers and decreasing considerably their costs”.


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