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07. May 2019

Improving flexible foam cell structure with the Cannon Viking Silicone Air Mixer

Cannon Viking’s Silicone Air Mixer has been developed to further improve flexible foam cell structure and reduce pin holes on low pressure and partial high pressure Maxfoam plants. This equipment which is already in successful operation with over 100 customer across Asia, Europe, The Middle East and America utilises a special patented Cannon pre-mixer for better mixing of nucleation air and silicone prior to feeding into the Maxfoam mixing head of the continuous plant.

The diagram shows a basic representation on how the device works. (Source: Cannon Viking)

On a standard foam machine, air is generally fed directly into the polyol, where it will remain there as bubbles which can cause pinholes and irregularities within the foam block. With the Silicone Air Mixer, the air molecules are broken down within the Silicone Pin Mixer Ring, in order to make a homogeneous froth/cream, which means the finished foam block has a more uniform structure and dramatically reduces the number or bubbles/pinholes. 

The mixer can easily be installed on existing equipment. (Source: Cannon Viking)

The mixer can easily be installed on existing equipment. (Source: Cannon Viking)

Key characteristics of the mixer are:

  • Suitable for low pressure and partial high pressure technology
  • Available for Cannon Viking and competitor machinery
  • Improvement of cell structure and reduction of pin holes
  • Improved control of cell size
  • Easy installationPatented mixer design


Cannon Viking at Interzum
Cologne, Germany, 21-24 May 2019
Hall 9.1, stand D001


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