06. June 2019

Dow: New Olympic Museum running track powered by PU binder solutions

Dow announced the recent completion of a project with customer Kraiburg Relastec GmbH & Co. KG to power a new running track exhibit at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The museum, which offers visitors insight into the history, culture and impact of the Olympic Movement and Olympic Games, features Kraiburg Relastec’s Sportec Uni versa running track and surrounding athletic floor covering, powered by Dow’s Voramer polyurethane binder solutions. This same Dow technology was used in the Olympic Stadium running track during the Olympic Games London 2012, providing a balance of hardness and elasticity to ensure a safe surface for sprinters and long-distance runners.

“The Olympic Movement and its spirit is grounded in collaboration – not only through partnerships, but also product and programme innovations,” said Mohammed Sami, industrial segment marketing leader, EMEAI. “When the International Olympic Committee (IOC) needed a solution developed for the Olympic Museum, we were excited to engage our customer, Kraiburg Relastec, to join us on this mission. We’ve worked together on a flooring solution with comfort and design perfectly suited to help meet the needs of the museum’s interactive exhibit.”

PU binder solutions from Dow were used in the Olympic Museum running track in Lausanne (Source: Dow)

PU binder solutions from Dow were used in the Olympic Museum running track in Lausanne (Source: Dow)

According to Dow, its Voramer polyurethane binder solutions for running tracks, sports fields and gymnasiums can enhance an athlete’s performance, while helping reduce the risk of serious injuries. Made of high quality EPDM rubber to help improve the material’s natural ability to absorb impact, the product is said to be the ideal surface for sports applications. Also less impactful on the environment, Dow Voramer is free of volatile solvent toxins and hazardous additives and contributes towards sustainable processes utilising upwards of 90 % recycled rubber materials. In addition, it provides durability that expands the average lifetime of running tracks to last for at least ten years, potentially reducing renovation costs for the museum, said Dow.

According to the company, as a Worldwide Olympic Partner and the Official Chemistry Company of the Olympic Games, and Official Carbon Partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Dow collaborates with stakeholders and customers to help deliver innovative solutions for athletes and fans alike. Multiple Dow solutions were also selected to help enhance the architecture and performance of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s new headquarters building in Lausanne – Olympic House – to be inaugurated in June 2019.

Uses of Voramer adhesive and binder products:

  • Playground surfaces
  • Cylinder and tile applications
  • Athletic tracks
  • Manufactured housing
  • Safety and landscape surfaces

Advantages of Voramer:

  • Long open time for large applications in hot, humid climate
  • Fast de-mold
  • Flexible
  • Superior bond strength
  • Low odour
  • Reduced discolouration


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