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18. June 2019

Huntsman: MDI resins for furniture boards

At the trade fair for woodworking and wood processing plant, machinery and tools – Ligna 2019, Huntsman's polyurethanes business exhibited its range of non-added formaldehyde I-Bond MDI resins, which are said to meet stringent board standards regarding the emission of formaldehyde.

According to the company, its I-Bond MDI resins are well known across the composite wood industry for improving the efficiency of manufacturing Oriented Strand Board (OSB) for construction applications. The MDI wood resins can also deliver improvements in the production and performance of furniture-grade Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), High Density Fiberboard (HDF) and Particleboard (PB).

The fast-curing MDI resins conform to F **** NAF (non-added formaldehyde) and ULEF (ultra-low emitting formaldehyde) emission standards – giving furniture manufacturers the confidence that their end products won’t have a detrimental effect on indoor air quality in the homes and offices of consumers. I-Bond MDI resins can also increase production output, enabling producers to make more boards and increase profitability, in a more energy efficient and sustainable way, said Huntsman.

I-Bond MDI wood resins meet stringent board standards regarding the emission of formaldehyde (Source: Huntsman)

I-Bond MDI wood resins meet stringent board standards regarding the emission of formaldehyde (Source: Huntsman)

For the production of MDF for the furniture industry, Huntsman offers a range of products including I-Bond MDF EM 4330 MDI resin. Forming a stable emulsion with water, this resin provides better distribution on the fibres in the blow line – resulting in an increase in panel performance. I-Bond MDF EM 4330 MDI resin is part of a family of resins that can be used as the only resin in the production of standard quality MDF or in the production of special quality MDF for exterior grade panels, moisture resistant panels, thin panels for flooring applications and low-density panels.

Other products available from Huntsman include I-Bond PB EM 4352 MDI resin. Compatible with standard (melamine) urea formaldehyde (M)UF resins, and developed specifically for the Particleboard industry, this resin is commonly used as a catalyst in hybrid systems, where it can help to achieve an increase of up to 15 % in production output, depending on the gluing system employed.

Bart Singulé, Sales Manager Composite Wood Products Europe at Huntsman, said: “Huntsman was an early pioneer of polyurethane-based resins for the manufacture of composite wood products. Our commitment to innovating for this fast-growing market remains the same today. We have a successful track record of developing products, services and technologies that can help producers of composite wood products achieve their strategic goals. Ambitious, innovative and reliable, we are proud to offer an extensive portfolio of non-added formaldehyde resins and release agents, that our customers can use off the shelf, or which we can customise to their needs.”

Alongside its range of I-Bond MDI resins, Huntsman also produces a range of I-Release release agents that are designed to make the production of OSB, MDF, PB and wood fibre insulation (WFI) run more smoothly.


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