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09. September 2019

ASC: Research study in the building and construction market segment announced

The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) announced that it has partnered with Ducker Frontier to provide ASC members visibility into market opportunities and growth potential in the building and construction market in North America.

“Chemistry trends, specifications and materials are changing rapidly in the built environment,” said Dan Horner, CEO of Applied Products and ASC board member with oversight on the growth 2.0 initiative. “ASC has identified four elements of the building in which we will define opportunities” he said. “Roofing, vertical wall, below grade waterproofing and interior finishes are critical areas of the buildings where we will be focusing our initial efforts. These are key areas where we will begin our assessment.”

“ASC has contracted with Ducker Frontier to help triangulate where the best opportunities are within the building envelope for its members. The research will identify the best downstream partners as it relates to education and what ASC can do to capitalise with partners through the supply chain. The report will quantify the adhesive and sealant market in terms of size and utilisation across the four building elements while identifying key applications as well as threats to the adhesive industry. Research will include commercial and residential buildings. Notable sections of the research will touch on trends in weatherisation approaches, policy with energy, outlook on green chemistry and green certification programmes, regulatory assessment as well as emerging and disruptive technologies” noted Steve Duren, Senior Director at ASC.

“I am pleased and excited to be the chairman of this effort for ASC and believe that the 80 interviews with the variety of subject matter experts, chemists, federal officials, trade association personnel, specification writers, architects, building envelope specialists, scientists, contractors and designers will provide critical information and useful data to assist us in growing our industry. We are hopeful that this in depth market research will identify emerging technologies and key applications where our industry has the potential to provide sustainable solutions and take market share from mechanical fasteners,” said Dave White, P.E., Senior Vice President Quality & Risk Management at Sika Corporation and Chairman of the growth 2.0 effort at ASC.

Ducker Frontier will issue a final report at the ASC Board Meeting in October 2019 and ASC will make the report available to its members shortly thereafter. ASC said it will be forming a Building & Construction Growth Task Force that will continue efforts after the publication of the report.


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