30. November 2019

Actega DS: New generation of TPE dispersions

Actega DS has introduced a new, patented generation of TPE dispersions at K 2019 for a wide range of coating solutions for packaging materials and substrates. The company said that the technology makes it possible to combine various specific features in a single dispersion. Accordingly, maximum customer benefits are offered through individualized application solutions.

The water-based dispersions are marketed under the brand name Yunico and are free of emulsifiers and solvents. Furthermore, they meet all requirements associated with direct food contact and have the corresponding FDA/EU approvals. The properties of Yunico TPE dispersions can be individually varied by adapting the compounding of the TPE accordingly. This permits a high degree of flexibility. They can be hot-sealed in high and low temperature ranges which means their mechanical properties, e.g. for bags, paper packaging or carry bags, are decisively improved.

The dispersions can offer barrier properties e.g. against water, steam, oil, grease etc. which makes them suitable for food packaging, e.g. dry food (flour, sugar), as well as for frozen packaging, packaging for pet food, cookies and meat, or even pizza boxes, to name but a few examples. Yunico TPE dispersions are recyclable. This has been confirmed in the PTS test which was conducted in accordance with PTS-RH: 021/97.


URL: https://www.gupta-verlag.com/news/technology/23568/actega-ds-new-generation-of-tpe-dispersions