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19. April 2005

Lightweight PU fiber composite components

One example for the application of PU fiber composite materials is the trunk floor of the new Mercedes-Benz A Class produced by Intier Automotive Näher GmbH, Rastatt, Germany. Other large series production runs include the support for the loading floors of the Opel Vectra Caravan and the Golf Plus which are produced by Honsa KFT, a subsidiary of Koller Formenbau und Kunststoff GmbH, in Pécs, Hungary. In all three moldings, the sandwich construction is bonded with the Baypreg F PUR system from Bayer MaterialScience AG, Leverkusen, Germany. The process for series production was developed by Hennecke GmbH, Sankt Augustin, Germany who markets this technology under the name CompurTec. The manufacture of these components involves spraying a package consisting of a light honeycomb core and two fiber outer layers on both sides with the heat-activated 2-component Bay­preg F system and compressing it in a compression mold at approximately 130 °C. This enables components to be manufactured with weights of less than 3 kg/ m².The high flexural strength of the components is a result of the fiber-reinforced outer layers.

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