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14. February 2020

Evonik and BellaSeno: 3D printed breast scaffolds made of bioresorbable polymer

Evonik and BellaSeno GmbH, a developer of 3D printed absorbable scaffolds, have signed a long-term agreement for the use of a Resomer bioresorbable polymer for an innovative breast implant technology. BellaSeno will use the material in its Senella breast scaffold products with a proprietary additive manufacturing process.

Bioresorbable breast scaffold (Source: BellaSeno)

Bioresorbable breast scaffold (Source: BellaSeno)

Designed to be implanted after breast reconstruction, augmentation or revision surgery, the polymer features mechanical properties and a degradation profile that allow the scaffold to safely absorb at a rate that matches the formation of the patient’s own tissue. Scaffolds will be available in different sizes and shapes to match the patients’ needs.

In addition to enabling the formation of natural breast tissue, the process avoids the use of silicone implants which are associated with clinical risks such as capsular contracture and device complications such as rupture and deflation. First-in-human clinical trials of the Senella scaffolds with Resomer commenced in Germany in Q4 2019. Under the agreement, Evonik will supply its Resomer polymer for clinical and commercial use.


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