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02. April 2020

Feica: OCF test methods approved as CEN standards

Feica – The Association of the European Adhesive and Sealant Industry announced that a series of its one-component foam (OCF) test methods has been approved as CEN standards. OCF manufacturers representing more than 90 % of the market in Europe have developed, within Feica, standardised test methods which allow the performance of OCF products to be measured, compared and communicated in an accurate manner, allowing customers to buy with confidence.

OCF manufacturers represented in Feica are Aerosol-Services, Bostik, Dupont, Hanno-Werk, Henkel, Krimelte, Polypag, Selena, Soudal, TKK Srpenica and tremco illbruck. They have their own Technical Working Group within the association, creating a strong voice for the industry in Europe and driving forward continuous improvement within the sector. All the companies represented at Feica have committed to using these standard methods to evaluate and communicate the various properties of their products, such as foam yield, post expansion, thermal conductivity, and many more. Feica OCF test methods are available for download from the association’s website at www.feica.eu/our-industry/pu-foam/ocf-test-methods. As a result, customers can rest assured that the data they read on product packaging and in literature provides an accurate and honest representation of the product performance, allowing a reliable comparison of different OCF products, said Feica.

Feica OCF test methods are now widely recognised and used throughout the industry, and by research centres and other stakeholders. The next step was to turn the test methods into CEN standards, hereby achieving a higher level of recognition by authorities and regulators. Feica therefore submitted a proposal to the newly created CEN Working Group 8 (OCF) under TC 193 (Adhesives). The CEN standards that have been approved and now published relate to the testing of yield, expansion, application, mechanical strength and insulation. The standards will be soon available through the EU national standardisation bodies.

CEN standards provide people and organisations with a basis for mutual understanding, and are used as tools to facilitate communication, measurement, commerce and manufacturing. The use of the standards is voluntary and interested parties can access the CEN standards from the CEN website.

Feica’s Secretary General, Philip Bruce commented “I am delighted with the efforts made to further professionalise the OCF industry and congratulate all participants in the Feica OCF group and CEN/TC193/W8 for this achievement.”


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