07. October 2020

Engel: Micro-injection unit for LSR

For the market launch of its new micro-injection unit for liquid silicone rubber at the virtual trade fair Engel live e-xperience from 13 – 16 October 2020, Engel produced precision components for the field of ophthalmology with an individual part weight of 0.0013 g.

The LSR components measure 1.7 mm in length and 0.9 mm in diameter and weigh just 0.0013 g. (Source: Engel)The LSR components measure 1.7 mm in length and 0.9 mm in diameter and weigh just 0.0013 g. (Source: Engel)

An all-electric and tie-bar-less Engel e-motion 50/30 TL injection moulding machine was used for this purpose. With the LSR micro-injection unit, the company is extending the range of applications for its injection moulding machines to include even lower shot weights. The innovation, which Engel has developed together with ACH Solution, Fischlham, Austria, enables the production of precision components made of LSR with shot weights of well below 0.1 g.

For the market launch, a 32-cavity valve gate cold runner mould was used to produce connecting elements used in ophthalmic diagnostic instruments. The filigree parts measure 1.7 mm in length and 0.9 mm in diameter. The injection moulding machine was equipped with an LSR metering pump by ACH Solution, an Engel viper 6 linear robot for micropart removal and depositing on a conveyor belt, and a camera system for quality control – also from ACH Solution.

Thanks to the quick coupling system, the unit can be exchanged for a conventional screw injection unit in less than 30 min. Since there are no tie bars in the way, the large platens of the injection moulding machine can be fully utilised, right up to the edge. This means that large multiple-cavity moulds fit on the comparatively small injection moulding machine, which reduces the system footprint and increases productivity per unit of area.


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