28. August 2005

Unitor nets massive ship insulation deal

TI Marine Contracting A/S, Oslo, Norway, is to supply 2,500 tonnes of polyurethane insulation for 21 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carrier vessels being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries. The deal, worth USD35.5 million (EUR 29.4 million) over three years, involves the application of PU foam over a total area of around 330 acres (1.3 sq km), according to TI Marine’s parent group Unitor. Under the contract, TI Marine will deliver and install thermal cargo tank insulation systems on 17 VLCCs and four LPG carriers being built at Hyundai’s shipyard in Korea – the largest such facility in the world, said Unitor, a supplier of safety, refrigeration, chemicals, gases, welding and tank insulation services to the shipbuilding and offshore industries with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. For the contract, Unitor will employ its recently developed TI-Spray Foam Insulation System, which it claims can half the time needed to insulate vessels. The faster process helps to increase shipyard capacity and so offers competitive advantages to shipbuilders in the LPG carrier market, said a Unitor statement. The spray foam system is also designed to reduce the need for maintenance through the use of a polymeric coating that protects the foam against moisture, fire and mechanical impact. The technology is the first real innovation in LPG cargo tank insulation for 20 years, according to the Norwegian group.

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