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29. August 2005

New application for Hyperlast’s Traffideck

A new car park project in the London borough of Croydon has been constructed, with Hyperlast Ltd, High Peak, Derbyshire, UK, chosen to be responsible for the surface engineering of the spiral ascent/descent with its Traffideck system. With a spiral road access to the higher parking levels, constant tyre squeal on corners in a residential area was one problem that needed to be addressed, a surface that minimised such noise clearly being desirable. Surface protection and anti-skid properties are inherent to Traffideck, and, as is the case with many service area projects, completing within a tight time frame is very important. Not least amongst its capabilities is that of being aesthetically pleasing, and this preparation offers the flexibility of a choice of colours, against which lane and bay markings are clear and attractive. Prismo Contracting, working for client, Croydon Centrale, applied the Traffideck Grip 4000 product to the access slipway, an area of some 2,500 m². The deadlines were met notwithstanding adverse conditions. Hyperlast says that the product will cure in temperatures as low as 0° C, and as it is fast reacting, will set before being affected by adverse weather conditions.

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