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30. August 2005

Plastic bonding test series

Some types of plastics have been tested for their bondability and suitable pretreatment methods in the laboratories of Delo Industrial Adhesives, Landsberg, Germany. The results have now been integrated into a data base and can be utilised for effective project work in accordance with the customer’s interests. During the test series, ten common plastics have been so far pre-treated, bonded, tested and documented: they include different PA, ABS, PC and PBT materials. Further tests with (e.g.) LCP and other technical and high temperature resistant plastics will be carried out in the near future. It has been possible to achieve very good results with especially the Delomonopox one-component epoxy resin adhesives and Delo-Pur two-components-polyurethanes. In the field of suitable pre-treatment methods, e.g. atmospheric pressure plasma, corona and flame treatment were among methods tested and the results were documented. Delo says that with this new plastics bonding data base they offer a real specialty which shortens e.g. extensive material pre-tests when solving applications and simplifies adhesive pre-selection.

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