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02. September 2005

New horizontal cutting machine

A growing requirement for highest versatility of the machinery, together with the necessity of an acceleration of production processes on the one hand and continuously increasing level of automization on the other hand has been observed in the PU converting market during the last few years. Fecken-Kirfel accordingly developped a new CNC horizontal contour cutting center C 67. This machine shares knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in design and building of CNC Contour Cutting Centers, the company says. It is therefore a solution for cutting all conceivable contoured parts in PU flexible foam, bonded foam, Basotect and similar materials. Convenient handling using a Windows operating system and excellent cutting accuracy due to its state-of-the-art grinding device are the most important advantages. Various software options allow customisation of the Horizontal Contour Cutting Centers to even most individual applications. By combining of the available software modules from AutoRouting to an ERP-system, the cutting centers can be adjusted to nearly all requirements. Compared to the predecessor model, the new generation of highly dynamic horizontal CNC contour cutting centers works even more efficiently by providing a further reduction of cutting times. This is achieved by higher cutting speed together with an optimised software for improved acceleration and deceleration. In addition, versatility is increased by features such as the adjustable central knife guidance and the slab hold-down device. Moreover, Fecken Kirfel has created new developments concerning fully automatic cutting lines, especially introducing flexible transport and conveyor solutions. These integrated shuttle systems provide a high level of automisation, leading to optimised hand­ling and a decrease of personnel costs.

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