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18. June 2006

Merquinsa introduces new TPUs at NPE

Merquinsa and Merquinsa North America Inc. plan to introduce a new line of fast cycling TPUs for the North American automotive industry at NPE 2006 with two grades of Pearlthane D11T85UV and Pearlthane D11T93. The company says that these grades have already met or exceeded major North American Tier 1 automotive specifications for gear shift knobs and spring insulators and are ideally suited for additional applications. Pearlthane D11T85UV (85A Shore A) is ideal for 2 shot molding automotive interior applications. Pearlthane D11T93, a 93A Shore A TPU fast cycling compound, is said to offer very good oil and grease resistance combined with outstanding abrasion resistance. Merquinsa has also announced to introduce in Chicago its newest generation of Pearlcoat Activa lines of TPUs, the next major advance in TPU application fabric coating functionality stemming from its Pearlcoat line. It will include greater functionality for fabric melt coating and extrusion coating applications such as antimicrobial resistance, conductivity and fire resistant compounds. Applications include fabric coatings for belting such as conveyor belts used in airports, distribution facilities, grain handling, etc. and consumer products such as life jackets, life rafts and sports/outdoor clothing. The new product line will continue to be sold in clear, or colored pellets, in hardness ranges from Shore A 70 to 95. The headquarter of Merquinsa is located in Montmelo, Spain, the North American branch in Seabrook, NH.

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