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17. June 2006

Novel ingredient for tyre compounds

Teijin Twaron has launched a novel rubber compound ingredient Sulfron 3000. The granule is derived from Teijin Twaron’s para-aramid fiber Twaron and is designed to increase performance and lifetime of sulfur vulcanised rubber compounds. According to the company the product offers 20 % improvement in rolling resistance which means a reduction of 5 % in fuel consumption. It offers at least 15 % improvement in durability of the tyre which means a longer lifetime of tyres. Indoor truck tyre tests have shown 25 % improvement in running distance of the tire when Sulfron 3000 is used. It improves cut/chip/chunk resistance, especially for off-the-road (OTR) tire tread. Tejin points out that in the future Sulfron could also be of interest for other applications such as belt and carcass stocks, bead/bead fillers of tyres, conveyor belts, engine mounts, bridge bearings, etc.

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