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18. June 2006

New Thermolast types

On occasion of its First Automobile & Industry Customer Forum in Waldkraiburg in March, the TPE producer Kraiburg TPE presented its new TPE V product series, which is now available on a production scale under the product name Thermolast V, with a Shore A hardness of 70. Shore A 50, 60 and 80 will be available in autum. The vulcanised materials, developed together with Kuraray, have pushed up the temperature limit required for the use of styrene block copolymers, which is approx. 120 °C (248°F), thus providing an alternative to EPDM/PP. The mechanical, dynamic and ageing properties of the new Thermolast types are described as being superior to or at least identical with those of EPDM/PP. The temperature range for their use is about 140 °C, so that this material extends the product portfolio for TPEs with usage temperatures above 125 °C. Moreover, it also shows good low temperature properties , with a Tg of –64 °C. The new types allow both injection-moulding and extrusion processing. Another range of products presented at the event included TPEs with an extreme temperature resistance of up to 170 °C as well as good media stability. With these so-called Super TPVs, the company intends to conquer the space under the engine bonnet.

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