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20. June 2006

Faber-Castell chooses Engel technology for its Grip 2011

The pimpled, triangular bodies of the latest generation of ballpoint pens and propelling pencils from Faber-Castell Grip 2011 are manufactured in annual quantities running into the millions at Faber-Castell’s factory at Geroldsgrün in Bavaria, using injection moulding and automation technology from the machine supplier Engel Austria GmbH, Schwertberg. It is a two-component part – ABS for the rigid body and TPE for the soft embedded pimples. Faber-Castell decided for technical and economic reasons not to use the two-component technology one would normally expect for such an application, but rather to produce the part in two stages on two separate eight-cavity moulds on a tiebarless Engel Victory 330/110 (1,100 kN clamping force). This solution was made possible by using an extremely sturdy automation system which was taylored to the specific requirements of this product. Based on an Engel ERC 65/0-F linear robot, this system was designed in close cooperation between the injection moulding experts at Faber-Castell and Engel’s automation specialists in Hagen, Germany. As many as 23 Engel machines are meanwhile in service at Faber-Castell.

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