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21. June 2006

Hose to protect the environment

Trelleborg Industrial Hose has won a major contract to supply materials handling hoses via an engineering company to a coal power station in Poland. Valued at EUR 1.3 M, the contract involves Trelleborg helping protect the environment through the treatment of flue gases from the power station. Trelleborg will supply more than 7,000 meters of specially adapted rubber hose for the Belchatow Power Station with a view to reducing the high level of air pollution at the plant. Product area manager Olivier Libes says, that they have adapted the Performer material-handling hose range to cope with the needs of limestone, aqueous solution and gypsum handling, and proposed a technical and economic solution to engineering companies involved in FGD application. FGD means “flue-gas desulphurisation:” removing sulfur from gases. Libes says that the strengths of the Performer hoses compared with existing solutions are the ease with which they can be handled and installed and their extensive lifetime in relation to investment costs.

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