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26. July 2006

Oil resistanct LSFOH compounds for wire and cable applications

PolyOne Belgium SA, Assesse, has recently introduced a new halogen-free, flame-retardant LSFOH compound (= low-smoke and fume compounds, zero halogen) for applications requiring high oil resistance. The ECCOH 5803 compound exhibits according to the company outstanding oil resistance performances at elevated temperatures in the thermoplastic state. Following the IEC 60811-2-1 test method, this compound still retains very good tensile and elongation properties after 7 days immersion at 100 °C in the industry reference oils (IRM 902 and 903). ECCOH 5803 also combines very good processability, with good electrical properties and good flame retardancy. This compound has a 34 % LOI, flammability temperature index 320 °C and also gives good char formation. In its thermoplastic state, this compound passes 115 °C ageing tests. However, should a higher-temperature norm be required, this compound can be cross-linked via dry-silane or irradiation.

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