02. August 2006

Allrounders for rubber processing

German injection moulding machine supplier Arburg from Loßburg is known for its equipment for plastic processing. What is less known is that the company also supplies equipment for rubber and elastomer processing. At this year’s rubber conference in Nuremberg the company shows an Allrounder 420 A with a clamping force of 1000kN and two injection units, size 400 and 170, that demonstrates how plastics and liquid silicones can be combined in a single part. In a 4+4-cavity mould, a plug is made from PBT and a radial seal and cable seal made from LSR is moulded onto it. The machine operates with a total of 18 mould heating circuits, a vacuum unit, a second cooling water distributor to control the temperature of the mould and the cool runner separately, a hydraulic core pull for rotating the mould insert via the small accumulator hydraulic system, as well as an LSR dosage system. The thermoplastic material will be prepared via a Thermolift 100-2 for combined pre-drying and conveying. Another machine the company presents is an Allrounder 175 V. A teat made from EPDM is produced as an exhibit in a single-cavity mould on the 175 V. The insert is made of brass, whereby a total part weight of 5.2 grams is achieved for the composite component. Further to the three additional mould heating circuits, the machine’s special equipment also includes a vacuum unit, a special elastomer cylinder, actuation of the pneumatic cold runner in the mould as well as a band feed for the elastomer material. The special feature of this configuration is that the teat is directly injected thanks to an integrated cold runner needle shut-off system.

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