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04. August 2006

Rubber injection moulding machine with optimised operating height

For over 40 years, Austrian machine supplier Engel, Schwert­berg, has been offering a comprehensive range of machines specially designed for the processing of rubber compounds. A new product within the company’s Compact series is a vertical rubber injection machine with a new construction for the clamping unit. The most remarkable thing is here as a result the ergonomically favourable operating height so that no platform is required. The clamping system needs only 775 mm from the floor up to the top of the heating platen. The machine features a FIFO injection unit which ensures optimum processing of the material by the first-in/first-out operating principle of the plasticising unit. Engel presents this machine as well as its tiebarless Elast 280/120 Victory and the Victory 310/110 for liquid silicone at this year’s German rubber conference in Nuremberg.

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