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10. August 2006

Yokohama launches “Super Stream”

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced that it has augmented its Seaflex line of marine hoses with a new product called the Super Stream hose. The company says that above all its durability, especially in rough seas, is a hallmark of the new product. Form-fitted floats on the flange connections between hose segments help distribute tension caused by waves and currents evenly over the hose line. The durability of the hose also benefits from a dual-carcass structure and from a dual-tube lining. The hose offers the additional benefit of optimised reserve buoyancy. That helps keep the hose afloat in any sea conditions. Newly developed sponge material provides the hose with a minimum reserve buoyancy of 25 % and an average reserve buoyancy of 30 %. In addition, the floats on the flange connections keep those connections at the same height as the rest of the hose. That minimises stress on the hose at the connections. The form-fitted floats on the flange connections provide yet another important benefit: smooth winding on reels. That reduces tension on the hose during winding and reduces the power requirements for winding.

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