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14. August 2006

DuPont expands Vamac portfolio

DuPont has expanded its Vamac product range with three new grades of this ethylene-acrylate rubber. Vamac MR delivers, as DuPont points out, benefits as an impact modifier for adhesives, coatings and other thermoset resin systems. Vamac DHC offers a higher state of cure and improved compression set within the business range of peroxide curable dipolymers, and is of interest to applications requiring fast curing with no-post-cure. Whilst Vamac GXF has already found broad use in applications requiring superior resistance to dynamic load at high temperature and in presence of oil. The appeal of the broadened product offering is reflected in recent, notable applications, such as the use of Vamac in gaskets for the new Airbus A380, propshaft boots for the transmissions of four-wheel drive cars, turbo hoses for diesel cars and engine management gas tubes. In all of the above, the specific grades involved provide a cost-effective solution and an outstanding combination of temperature resistance, oil resistance and vibration damping consistency.

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