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20. August 2006

New fillers to reduce rolling resistance of tyres

From Degussa AG, Dusseldorf, Germany, comes a novel silane compound that is said to make polymer molecules and filler particles more effectively. Only about 100 grams of this organosilane is needed per tire. The result is, according to Degussa, 20 % less rolling resistance for truck tires. The new carbon black types are marketed under the tradename Ecorax. Automotive, transportation, and machinery is meanwhile Degussa’s third-largest final customer market, and the trend is, according to the company, upward. Eleven of the now 20 of the company’s business units work for the automobile sector, which accounts for EUR 1.3 billion of Degussa’s current total sales (2005) of EUR 11.8 billion worldwide.

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