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22. August 2006

Intense product developments push US silicone market

From Freedonia comes a new market study which contains a detailed overview on the silicone market in the USA. According to this study silicone demand in the US is projected to grow 5 % per year to more than USD 3.7 billion in 2010. Advances will, as the study points out, result from intense product development activities and a favourable environmental profile compared to competitive materials. The primary restraining factor to greater market penetration remains the high cost of silicones, which limits their use to applications in which their numerous performance advantages are indispensable, such as high heat environments. Industrial markets to remain dominant Silicones find use across a broad range of markets that can be categorised as industrial, consumer, construction and medical. Industrial markets accounted for nearly 60 % of all silicone use in 2005. Industrial market gains will benefit from an acceleration in durable goods production. Silicones are widely used in aerospace equipment, electronics, industrial machinery and motor vehicles, among other industrial applications. Consumer market to spur rapid gains in medical uses Consumer markets for silicone will be stimulated by expanding applications in the formulation of cosmetics and toiletries, as silicones are capable of providing advanced performance characteristics, such as heat resistance and a smoother consistency. Construction markets will be driven by an acceleration in non-residential building activity, as well as the repair and remodeling of the large existing housing base. Medical markets are expected to exhibit the fastest gains based on a growing incidence of medical procedures, promoting the use of silicone in tubing and other medical devices, and in topical pharmaceuticals. US industry concentration The silicone industry is concentrated and highly competitive, encompassing only a handful of producers. All of the leading firms are diversified suppliers of silicones to the US market, manufacturing a wide range of silicone products to an array of markets. Because silicones are used in virtually every sector of the economy, no single firm is able to compete in every market or in every application. Study coverage The industry study “Silicones” presents historical demand data through 2005 plus forecasts to 2010 and 2015 by product, market and application. The study also analyses the US market environment, examining market trends, foreign trade and pricing considerations. In addition, the study evaluates market share, assesses restructuring activity and profiles 35 key competitors in the US industry. (see: www.freedoniagroup.com) Other recent Freedonia industry studies which might be of interest:

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