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02. December 2006

Rhein Chemie introduces new Aflux and Rheogran types

Rhein Chemie Rheinau, Mann­heim, Germany, has expanded its portfolio by introducing Aflux 18, a processing promoter which is said to be highly effective even in very low dosage, and the vulcanisation retarder Rhenogran ZDDT-50. The effect of Aflux 18 in compounds based on AEM, ACM and EVA extends to processing as well as vulcanisation. The new product is said to significantly improves processing and handling on the open roll mill by drastically reducing adhesion of the compounds to metal surfaces. It has a positive impact on mix viscosity and flow characteristics. Depending on the cure system used, Aflux 18 can even retard scorch. Moreover, it has no influence on the aging characteristics of the resulting vulcanisates. Rhenogran ZDDT-50, in combination with specific cure systems, is a retarder for the vulcanisation of ACM and ECO. For example, fully accelerated ECO-compounds containing a lead-free cure system based on Rhenogran Triazine TM-70 gain a shelf life of several weeks thanks to Rhenogran ZDDT-50. Additionally the product can improve compound flow characteristics and release properties of vulcanisates. With the Rhenogran types Na-Stearate-50, K-Stearate-50, and Na-Oleate-50, Rhein Chemie R has developed an entire range of new polymer-bound activators for ACM, applicable for example in combination with Rhenogran Diuron-80. In combination with specific ACM grades, these cure systems display very high reactivity, which eliminates the need for post-curing of the vulcanisates.

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