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28. March 2007

Transparent TPE from Degussa

A recently at Fakuma 2006 presented new polyether block amide from the Vestamid E line of Degussa AG, Dusseldorf, Germany, is said to offer striking options for designers. Made from polyamide 12 and polyether segments, the new block copolymer is transparent and therefore opens up special design possibilities for translucent or brilliantly coloured injection-moulded parts, for example high quality sports articles, to name one example. The product has a shore hardness D of 59, and a tensile modulus of 185 MPa. The compound contains no optical brightening agents, and is light- and heat-stabilised. The stabiliser system meets the requirements of the Asian market. Parts are described to show no fatigue, breaks, or deformation during the flexing endurance test. The transparency not only lends high brilliance to standard colours, but it also enables pearlescent and opalescent colors. The TPE is said to feature outstanding low-temperature impact strength, good recovery, low tendency to creep, and good chemical- and solvent-resistance.

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