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15. May 2007

Cost effective slabstock production

Hennecke GmbH, Sankt Augustin, Germany, will introduce at the forthcoming Interzum 2007 in Cologne its new MultiFlex Basic slabstock line. The machine concept comprises three types: 1. the trough system 2. the liquid-laydown design 3. a combination of trough and liquid-laydown plant. The new plant design is described to make it easy for customers to enter high-pressure technology. Changing over or starting to use high-pressure technology pays off. Hennecke points out, that many slabstock producers who look back on years of experience with low and high-pressure plants confirm isocyanate savings of nearly 4 % compared to slabstock lines operating on the low-pressure principle. Given an annual slabstock production of about 5000 tonnes and an isocyanate price of nearly 2.50 EUR/kg, savings of roughly 200,000 EUR per year can be achieved. Another substantial saving effect arises from Hennecke’s tried and tested flat-top system. The covering method serving to transform the thick top skin into usable foam allows slabstock producers to realise a nearly 10 % higher foam yield compared to conventional domed blocks. Reduced maintenance and spare parts costs due to high-grade, standardised plant components and short assembly and start-up times, because of the machine’s modular design help the slapstock producer to further save money. Depending on the plant configuration, various polyether based slabstock foams can be produced such as standard, hypersoft, high-load, high-resilient, viscoelastic, CMHR + CME and special foams. The optional use of the patented NovaFlex technology, utilising the CFC-free blowing agent CO2, permits the manufacture even of foams with densities below ca. 12 kg/m3. The plant consists of a single frame, just the day tanks for isocyanate and polyol have to be mounted.

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