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28. August 2007

Automatic hardness and density testers from Alpha Technologies

From Alpha Technologies comes a series of automatic hardness and density testers.

The system consists of two individual measuringunits:

  • D2020 Hardness tester (IRHD or ShoreA)
  • D2020 Density – for specific gravitymeasurements Both these units are fully automated. They can be purchased and used singularly or as a complete system and are driven by one PC and softwarepackage. A cassette holding up to 20 samples is placed into the measuring unit. The handling mechanism takes the first sample, places it in the measuring head, performs the test and passes the measurement to the computer. The first sample is returned to the sample cassette and the second sample is taken formeasurement. Sample identity is provided in the software, and the results are automatically stored in the database. The D2020 Density and D2020 Hardness can be fully integrated with the Eclipse Daisy and Enterprise LIMSsoftware. Since 2004 Alpha Technologies belongs to Dynisco LLC. New owner of Dynisco is Roper Industries, Inc., Duluth, GA, USA, which has acquired the company in December 2006 from Boston AudaxGroup.

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