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16. October 2009

New thermoplastic olefin elastomers

The VTC TPE Group has recently launched Dryflex, a new family of TPO compounds based on Infuse olefin block copolymers from Dow.

According to the company, the new TPO series extends design possibilities and is particularly suited for soft-touch applications. The new compounds can be injection-moulded or extruded, can easily be coloured and display good UV and weathering resistance. The material offers the following benefits:

Very good flow characteristics for filling complex or long paths and for tight dimensional tolerances

High elastic recovery at higher strain rates Better product aesthetics with a soft-touch and non-tacky feel that reduces dust accumulation, even with soft formulations A broad range of Shore A hardnesses, from gel-soft Zero Shore A up to 90 Processing at lower temperatures to save energy costs and lower environmental impact Hamburg-based distributor K.D.Feddersen has expanded its portfolio with Dryflex materials and markets them in Germany and on request in other countries.

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