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18. October 2009

Kraton introduces Nexar family

Kraton Polymers LLC recently commercialised the Nexar polymer product family.

The first two polymer grades in the product family are Nexar MD9200 and MD9150. Each is offered as a polymer in a solution or a polymer membrane. MD9200 boasts an ion exchange capacity (IEC) of 2.0 meg/g while Nexar MD9150 has an IEC of 1.5 meg/g.

The Nexar membranes and coatings allow large amounts of moisture to be moved away from the skin very quickly to maintain a comfortable microclimate for the human body. Unlike other membranes that clog and lose performance, the new nonporous membranes maintain constant performance over an extended period of time, says Kraton. Key benefits in breathable fabrics are:

excellent moisture transmission rates flexible processing freedom (easily applied using current commercial equipment) high strength in wet and dry environments
performance improves as temperature increases apply as single or multi-laminate process.

Nexar is designed for breathable fabrics (high performance athletic apparel, outdoor survival equipment, military uniforms, etc.), water transport, filtration, and separation applications.

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