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08. October 2009

Kuraray introduces new TPE series with superior bondability to glass and metal

The Septon K Series is the latest addition in Kuraray’s portfolio of high performance elastomer materials. Main feature is their superior bondability to glass and metal.

While most existing products require a primer to obtain the bondability to glass and metal surfaces, the Septon K series can be directly applied onto glass or metal. No pretreatment is needed to achieve excellent bondability while retaining the advantages of a thermoplastic elastomer. The material can be processed via injection moulding and extrusion.

Thanks to its bonding properties the new series enables faster production and a high degree of freedom in product design, particularly in the automotive, and E&E industries. Potential applications include automotive glazing and mirror weather-stripping, body and chassis components, solar cells, electric components, mobile phones, flat-screen TVs, computer and digital device materials, and other applications with metal enclosures and glass displays.

The Septon K Series is marketed simultaneously in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Japanese company further announced that this material will become the heart of a new core line of products.

Kuraray will inform about the new Septon K series at Fakuma (13 – 19 October 2009). Among the other new products series showcased at the fair in Friedrichshafen are the Septon Q series (especially light, flexible and abrasion resistant materials), and the LA polymer, an all methacrylic block copolymer with high optical clarity.

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