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15. March 2010

TPE resistant to copper

From Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc., Rochester, IL, USA, comes a TPE grade that is said to be impervious to damage or degradation from copper.

Elastocon 8150B is well-suited for automotive and industrial applications where the product can be directly overmoulded onto copper or be used in an application where the material might come into direct contact with residual copper dust created from friction or abrasion – an example would be an environment with electric motor brushes where the residue can cause plastics to degrade or sustain damage.

Available in a 50ShoreA hardness and supplied for compounding or as ready-to-use pellets, this addition to the Elastocon 8000 series (SEBS-based) can be injection moulded, extruded or blow moulded. The pellets are provided in black. As with other compounds in the 8000 series, the new automotive grade can be overmoulded onto polypropylene and other materials.

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