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16. March 2010

New flame retardant and electrically conductive TPEs

Müller Kunststoffe announces the availability of new materials within its Lifoflex series of TPEs.

The company based in Pinneberg, Germany, said it has developed the Lifoflex Flam grades in response to the requirements in 2K processing. Hard thermoplastic materials can be overmoulded with these flame retardant TPEs in order to get new and improved optical, haptic and sealing properties.

There are two series available - Lifoflex Flam 600 and 700 - covering hardnesses from 50 - 90 Shore A. Both are halogen and bromine-free and respond to class V0 resp. V1 requirements. According to the company, the 700 series is especially performant regarding UV and temperature stability. It can be injection-moulded and extruded and shows good adhesion to PE and PP. Adhesion to polyamide is envisaged for the near future.

Conductive soft thermoplastics are another challenging field for Müller. The company is currently working on special fibres and carbon blacks. There are several TPU and soft PVC types for injection moulding, extrusion and calendaring available as well a soft Lifoflex TPE grade in 20Shore A and a conductivity of less than 104Ω.

The conductive TPEs show adhesion to most polyamides, among with a good processability. The company sees applications in the automotive industry and in ventilation and other technical applications.

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