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17. March 2010

Embody chair finds support in DSM materials

Herman Miller, Inc. has selected three different material families from DSM for the production of key elements in the new Embody chair.

The chair does not use traditional foam; support is provided through unique design using materials such as Arnitel TPC, Sarlink TPE, and Akulon PA6. Arnitel and Sarlink have been used for the seating layers.

Arnitel is used in the “global layer” of the seat, providing the right blend of strength, flexibility and comfort for use as one of the key components in the seat’s unique pixilated design. Sarlink TPE offers the necessary stiffness and creep resistance required for use in the “bull nose” seat component, allowing seat depth adjustments for different thigh lengths. The arms, arm pedestals, back frame spine, and back frame antlers are manufactured in Akulon K224-G6U.

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