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16. March 2010

100 % bio-sourced TPE

By combining a bio-sourced polyol with castor oil chemistry, Arkema has further extended its portfolio of „green“ materials.

Complementing the Pebax Rnew range which is based on 20-95% plant origin carbon, Pebax Rnew100, Arkema’s latest TPE range, is entirely derived from renewable resources.

As with the other Pebax grades, the Rnew100 type shows very good mechanical properties, together with resistance to thermal and ultraviolet ageing. Light weight and outstanding dynamic behaviour, hence excellent resistance to both flexural and tensile stress, are further benefits. Pebax Rnew100 therefore offers the best possible compromise between rigidity and mechanical strength at cold temperature, says Arkema.

The Plastics Environmental Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers announced that Pebax Rnew is the recipient of the „Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC) 2010 Environmental Stewardship Awards“, in the category „Plastic Materials from Renewable Sources”. (The conference takes place 8 – 10 March 2010 in Orlando, FL, USA).

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